QinetiQ 1 - Attempt at World Altitude Balloon record - 132,000 ft(25 miles)

Flying Pictures Ltd

In August 2003, an unsuccessful attempt at the World Manned Balloon Altitude Attempt andnbsp; was made with 2 British Pilots. Sponsored by QinetiQ, the flight platform that the 2 pilots were to use was lightweight, high strength carbon fibre structure designed to provide all their essential life support and emergency systems, including parachutes, flotation, balloon control systems, oxygen systems, communications and extensive video and camera systems. The pilots and their equipment were exposed to temperatures of -70C and 2mB atmospheric pressure during their training and testing.

ACL input

Definition of operating specification.

Definition and development of flight platform structure.

Definition and testing of flotation systems.

Interface and liaison with Zvezda - Spacesuit and Life Support System Manufacturer.

Interface and definition with Emergency Parachute systems.

Development of all test procedures.

Control of manufacture and integration of flight platform.

Systems Director for the Flight, including Preparation of the Flight Platform.

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