Composite Blade for Neptune Underwater Electricity Generation System

Weir Strachan and Henshaw Ltd

The Neptune system utilises a 20m diameter rotor installed in a tidal flow to generate up to 1.2MW of electricity. With a design life of 12 years in a salt water environment and a fatigue requirement in excess of 12 million cycles, the blades are crucial to the efficiency of the installation. Using a complex geometry defined by the customer, the Composite Blade design has been completed using a moulded E glass and carbon construction. The hollow blade is 9m long, 2.5m max chord and has a mass of 1200kg.

ACL input

Completion of concept and detailed structural analysis.

Development of manufacturing process and QA regimes.

Production of Manufacturing drawings.

Assistance with development of test regimes.

Manufacturer selection and production reviews.

Assistance with development of the interface between blade and the main hub.

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