Composite Training for Engineers


Engineers are traditionally trained in the design and manufacture of metallic components. However, with the need for continuous Professional Development and the quest for the use of lighter and stronger materials, many companies are starting to turn their attention to the use of composites and lightweight materials. Whilst the companies may not complete the full design and manufacture of the composite component, it is vital that the engineers gain, at least, a basic understanding of the material characteristics, manufacturing processes and the design possibilities.

In house short courses to cover:

Basic of Composite Manufacturing processes.

Basic composite Material Properties and Material Characteristics.

Analysis of composites.

Sandwich Structure design.

Bonding design and problems.

Introductions to manufacturers.

Where possible, all courses are based on actual problems and design examples. Full course notes are provided. Material suppliers brochures are provided and prospective suppliers are invited to address the course to provide greater insight.

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