Breitling Orbiter Capsule

W and J Tod Ltd

Breitling sponsored a series of attempts to circumnavigate the world in a hot air balloon, culminating on 1 March 1999 with the success of Breitling III, which flew round in 19 days 21 hours with Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard on board. The capsule provided their living accommodation and was pressurised to 0.5 barg, and endured temperatures as low as -40C. The sandwich structure utilised carbon Kevlar internal and external skins, either side of a PVC foam core and was manufactured in 2 halves before being bonded and strapped together.

ACL input

Development of the operating Specification

Concept Development

Development of the internal structure

Development of the main pressure vessel including formal analysis

Review of manufacturing process

Completion of all approval testing

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