MI70K - World Hot Air Balloon Altitude Record

The Space Shop Ltd

In November 2005, Dr Vijay Singhania, flew a 1.6million cu ft hot air balloon to an altitude of 70,000ft over Mumbai India, achieving the World Hot Air Balloon Altitude Record. Dr Singhania flew in a pressurised, lightweight, high strength aluminium gondola, that housed all the main systems, fuel, communications and safety equipment to allow him to safely complete the flight. The gondola was fitted with a crumple zone at it's base and a shock absorbing lightweight composite racing seat, to afford the pilot maximum protection in the event of a bad landing.

ACL input

Design and specification of the pressurised gondola, and acrylic domes.

Manufacturing control, inspection and acceptance of the gondola including initial pressure testing.

Specification and installation of the main attachment points and releases for the gondola.

Liaison and integration of the main parachute system - courtesy of Strong Parachutes inc.

Design, specification, integration and testing of the shock absorbing seat system.

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