Manufacture of a Prototype Space Capsule for use in Commercial Space Tourism

Black Sky Technologies Ltd (BSTL)

Design, testing and manufacture of a prototype space capsule suitable for a crew of 5 people to enjoy earth orbiting Space flight. A welded aluminium, lightweight, high strength capsule that is overwrapped with composite and phenolic based thermal protection and finished with a heat resisting paint layer. The capsule is designed to operate at 1 barg internal pressure. It is also fitted with shock absorbing, high strength carbon fibre seats, several ballistic strength windows and 2 access hatches.

ACL input

Definition of overall shape and internal geometry, including basic thermal and shock wave analysis.

Development of all operating specification.

Detailed structural analysis.

Control of all manufacturing drawings and definition of manufacturing process.

Review of all weld tests, X rays and QA procedures.

Development of test regime, including application of strain gauges and control of tests.

Development of all thermal and impact protection structures.

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