Composite Nose cone for Privateer Space Rocket

Black Sky Technologies Ltd (BSTL)

Carbon Fibre nose cone for 1.8m diameter rocket, to be used for privateer rocket. High strength structure - 1mm thick, with total composite weight of 18 kg, suitable for use on re-usable rocket systems. Nose cone is clad with external thermal protection in the form of phenolic syntactic sheeting bonded on and painted with high temperature protective paint. Nose cone is designed to be good for high 'g' levels and stable through the massive thermal shocks experienced in the flight. Manufactured solely from Low Temp. Pre-preg Carbon Fibre, in 2 halves and bonded together, prior to cladding, the nose cone was structurally adequate.

ACL input

Definition of basic geometry and shape to ensure shock wave position stood away from the nose cone.

Completion of all structural detailed analysis and specification of structure.

Control of manufacturing process and QA regime.

Definition of thermal protection scheme, and monitoring of application.

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